Meet the people who were once where you are now

Hear from franchisees on life with Schmidt

We are enormously proud to say we have helped over 400 people start their own business in recent decades, a track record which also provides you with the peace of mind you are investing in a highly proven business model.

But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Watch the videos below and hear from some of the people who were once where you are now: considering your future business options before deciding to open a thriving Schmidt showroom.

Starting out as an accountant before moving into property development, Agron began his journey with Schmidt in 2020 and has since launched a successful showroom in Beaconsfield.

“Overall it has been a great experience,” explains Agron. “As well as developing the business, it’s developed me as an individual as well, because you get to work with so many different people and see the business from so many different angles. It’s been great.”

Agron Llupa
Schmidt Beaconsfield

After gaining a master’s degree in business administration, Tony went into banking before opening his own restaurant in Chelsea. Deciding he wanted a change of direction, Tony came out of one kitchen and into a very different other with his own Schmidt franchise.

“Schmidt as a company teaches you everything about what to do,” says Tony. “If you follow those steps, you will be successful.”

Tony Nakhoul
Schmidt Ruislip

Husband and wife duo Asam and Hanisha wanted to build a family business and saw the perfect opportunity to do so with Schmidt. Combining their backgrounds in retail and marketing, they set about opening their stunning showroom in Epsom.

“There’s support from the get-go,” explains Hanisha. “There’s help with getting business loans, finding the area, designing the showroom and weeks of training before you open.”

Asam & Hanisha Mohammad
Schmidt Epsom

Marielle combined transferable skills from her career in mechanical engineering and IT management to make a fantastic success of her Schmidt business.

“What’s good with Schmidt is that they support you all the way through,” says Marielle. “So even if you don’t have any experience, they give you all the experience and confidence you need.”

Marielle Medaets
Schmidt Bristol

Schmidt Wimbledon’s Charley Jones moved from roles in advertising to become this franchise’s commercial manager and implement strategies to effectively improve and expand the business.

“There’s a lot of room for growth,” explains Charley. “If you’re the right person, you can open more than one showroom once you have a stable business.”

Charley Jones
Schmidt Wimbledon