A proven model supporting over 800 showrooms

The Schmidt franchise family is a network of over 800 fellow business owners across 30 countries who go to work every day feeling immensely proud of the quality products they represent.

Traditionally associated with custom-built kitchens, Schmidt now offers made-to-measure interior design solutions for every room in the home. This successful diversification of our product offering has further increased the value of our trusted business model and gives you even more opportunity to succeed.

No stock, just sales

The Schmidt business model does away with any costly and distracting need to manage a warehouse full of stock. All sales are made to order at one of our state-of-the-art factories in France and Germany, before being shipped directly to the customer – so all you need to concentrate on is design and sales.

Customer experience

Giving customers the opportunity to experience your enormous range of beautiful home interior solutions is key to convincing them Schmidt is the right choice for their renovations.

With that in mind, we will help you create a truly memorable showroom experience – harnessing the synergy of the very latest trends in interior design, layout, storage solutions and virtual reality technology.

A typical sales journey

Customer interest
After hearing about you through word of mouth, a digital marketing campaign, or perhaps simply by walking past your showroom, your potential customer enjoys a warm welcome to their project.
Wow them in your showroom
You will offer one of the most extensive ranges of high-quality home interior solutions. Whatever look, feel, design or colour your customer is looking for, your showroom will inspire them.
Design their bespoke 3D model
Once you understand the customer’s vision, you will set about bringing it to life using our cutting-edge technology. This includes immersive virtual reality previews, allowing them to experience their millimetre-perfect design.
Confirm the sale
Excited by their bespoke Schmidt solution, the customer’s order is confirmed and relayed to our highly experienced manufacturing teams in France and Germany. Their made-to-measure products are then carefully put together and delivered directly to them.
Enjoy the feeling of helping a happy customer
Once the products have been installed, you can rest assured you have made the customer’s home interior dream become reality. Before you know it, they’ll be back to refurbish the next room!
Where Schmidt franchise sits in the UK kitchens marketplace

Where does the Schmidt brand fit in the marketplace?

Schmidt is firmly established in the mid-to-high-end part of the UK’s kitchen and home interior solutions marketplace. All our products are custom-built and made-to-measure for each and every customer, using premium and sustainable materials.

We have an average order value of around £14,000 for our kitchens. However, our diverse range of bespoke products allows franchisees to cater for a wide range of needs – whether it’s affordable re-fits starting from £6,000, or stunning kitchens which can cost upwards of £50,000.

Throughout the process, you will give customers peace of mind they are getting phenomenal value for money with a product that is guaranteed to last.

The dealership agreement

Starting your business with Schmidt provides you with everything required to set up and grow your business, including:


From appliances to taps, worktops and more, Schmidt works with some of the best suppliers in the industry to provide you with solutions for every customer need.